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Please visit the link below to help make this event a success! Really need help on Wednesday evening.

Wednesday 5/11 Evening Events
5:30pm – Ice cream Social – $1 (non dairy options available)
6:30pm – Kindergarten and 1st grade concert
7:00pm – Bedtime stories with the Principals

Raffles! – Visit the book fair any day to win a chance at these prizes! Tickets only $1
– Principal for a day
– Annandale Swim and Tennis Membership
– Class Ice Cream Party
– Class Pizza Party
– Stained Glass Dragon


Orders are due June 1st! See Tuesday folders for more infomation!


It is time to elect our PTO board of officers for the 2016-2017 school year!

Please plan to attend the PTO meeting on June 9th at 6:30pm to meet the nominees and cast your vote.

The board nominees are…
President: Christy Fase
Treasurer: Sandra Miracle
Secretary: Monica Buckhorn
Ways & Means: Michaela Nuckels
Communications: Johanna Murphy/Dani Cao
Volunteer Coordinator/Membership: Patrick Krason

Non-elected Positions (and where we need your help – can be held by two people working together)
Folder copying: WE NEED YOU!
Kindergarten summer play dates: WE NEED YOU!
Green committee: WE NEED YOU!
Restaurant nights: WE NEED YOU!
After school programs: Allison Gilbert (could use one more person)
Spiritwear: Mary Johnson
Hospitality: Becky Adye
Yearbook: Daniela Raik
DJ/MC: Christian Nuckels
Rewards program: Thurraya and Absolon Kent
Election day bake sale: Chrystal Krason
For more information, contact the nominating committee:
Daniela Raik (
Lisa Wolfe (

For more information, contact the nominating committee:
Daniela Raik (
Lisa Wolfe (

Please review the attached red line by-laws changes. They will be discussed/approved during our next PTO meeting on June 9th at 6:30pm.

Mason Crest College and Career Link to Learning Team College and Career Fair (June 12)

The Mason Crest College and Career Link to Learning Team we will hold the College and Career Fair on Friday, June 12 from 9:15 am to 11:15 am in the Mason Crest Elementary School gymnasium. The goal of this event is to raise awareness amongst the students of Mason Crest about higher education and the opportunities that can become available to them when they earn a college degree.

During the event, career fair volunteers will be set up at tables around gymnasium and the students in grades four and five, who would love to learn more about the careers they dream about, will have the opportunity to go from table to table to ask questions about the volunteer’s careers and the path that got them there.

If you are currently working in a career that you love and would like to talk to our students about it, then please email Kimberly Lord at or by phone at (571) 226-2691.


The Mason Crest Elementary PTO Election will be held June 11 during the June PTO Meeting

Eight candidates will be on the June 11 ballot for the six seats on the Mason Crest PTO Executive Board. The election will take place during the Mason Crest PTO meeting on June 11 at 6:30 pm in the Mason Crest Library. Paid members of the PTO who cannot attend in person may assign another paid member to vote in proxy by completing the Special Meeting Proxy Form available at

The nominees for the position of PTO President are Tim Sample and Monica Buckhorn. The President manages the overall objectives and strategies of the PTO, acts as a liaison between the parents and the Mason Crest staff, and organizes the PTO meetings and events.

Johanna Murphy and Cara Annexstad are the nominees for the VP of Communications. The Vice-President of Communications coordinates the electronic and print communications of the organization including weekly announcements and regular newsletters, arranges language translations and interpreters for official events sponsored by the organization.

The nominees for the Vice-President of Finance (Sandra Miracle), the Vice-President of Administration (Elizabeth Bille), the Vice-President of Ways and Means (Christy Fase) and the Vice-President of Community Outreach (Patrick Krason) are all running unopposed. The Mason Crest PTO Vice-President of Finance maintains custody of all organizational funds, keeps a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures, and makes disbursements. The Vice-President of Administration records the minutes of all meetings, ensures all meetings follow procedures and rules or order and maintains membership and an accurate historical record of the association. The Vice-President of Ways and Means identifies and organizes the organization’s fundraising opportunities (and events that benefit the PTO mission as well as its primary financial needs), and is responsible for the recruitment of committee members for fundraising events. The Vice-President of Community Outreach coordinates the recruitment of volunteers for PTO needs, establishes family-outreach programs, maintains a volunteer database, and creates a PTO presence at all school events.

For questions regarding the election, contact the current Mason Crest PTO president, Rock Rockenbach at or our Nominating Committee members, Crystal Krason at and Daniela Raik by email at


Staff Appreciation Week at Mason Crest — May 4 – 8

Staff_AppreciationOur theme this year: “Our Staff is the BEST in the World!”

ANNANDALE, Va. — National Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 5. Please help us celebrate the incredible staff and teachers of Mason Crest Elementary School during the week of May 4-8 as we take our wonderful staff on a little trip around the world to thank them for their hard work. Please help us show our appreciation by getting involved. How? Be sure to check for details in next week’s Tuesday folder, but here’s a preview on the schedule and daily suggested activities for students to participate in so you can plan ahead:

Monday, May 4:  Heading to France! Children are asked to dress in stripes on top and black on bottom, or any combo to get in the spirit!
Donations/Volunteers needed:  We will serve coffee and breakfast for the staff in the teacher’s “cafe” lounge. We will need volunteers to donate breakfast items like muffins, pastries, croissants, and fruit. Visit our signup page to volunteer items.

Tuesday, May 5: Headed to Mexico!  This is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Children are asked to dress in BRIGHT cheerful colors and denim. Extra credit: Wear sunglasses to school to celebrate that their “Futures are SO Bright, They Gotta Wear Shades”.

Wednesday, May 6: Headed to Italy! This is National School Nurse Appreciation Day. Children are asked to wear their red Mason Crest Elementary spirit wear to show how much they “heart” our staff. The children can also write and bring in “That’s Amore” notes to their teachers and staff to thank them for their hard work.
Donations/Volunteers needed:  We will serve the staff lunch on Wednesday. Donations of pasta and lunch items are needed. Visit our signup page to volunteer to donate items.

Thursday, May 7: Headed to Asia! Children are asked to wear their teacher’s favorite color (that info will be included in next Tuesday’s folder).
Donations/Volunteers needed:  A variety of $5 – $10 gift cards are needed for random prize drawings. Visit our signup page to donate gift cards.

Friday, May 8: Headed to a tropical island! Children are asked to wear Hawaiian-styled shirts, sundresses or other tropical attire to celebrate how our staff makes Mason Crest such a fun place to visit.
Donations/Volunteers needed:  We are asking for fruit donations for fruit baskets.  Visit our signup page to volunteer items.

Thank you in advance for your participation and efforts. All donations can be dropped off in the Mason Crest Elementary School front office or sent in an envelope with “PTO/Staff Appreciation” on the front.  If you have questions about the Mason Crest PTO Staff Appreciation Week, please contact Sandra Miracle at

Spring Scholastic Book Fair set for March 9-12

The Mason Crest Elementary Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be held during the week of March 9-12 in the Mason Crest Elementary School Library from 4 – 5 pm daily and online from March 4 – 24. The book fair is an opportunity to buy carefully selected, quality books and products at affordable prices and it gets our students and our community excited about reading.

“When you support our book fair you are helping raise money so the PTO can support Mason Crest’s classrooms and teachers needs,” said Christy Fase, the 2015 Spring Book Fair coordinator. “This year we are excited to be able to offer an on-line Book Fair as well as our in-house Book Fair. You can tell your out-of-town family and friends about this opportunity to provide books for your children while raising money to buy books and classroom equipment for our school.”

The online book fair will be available from March 4 until March 24 at

Families are also invited to attend the Ice Cream Social and Bedtime Stories Read By Mrs. Kerr and Mr. Butler on Wednesday, March 11 from 6 – 8 pm at the school.

To volunteer for the book fair or the ice cream social, please visit the Mason Crest PTO Volunteer page.

Mason Crest Thanksgiving Luncheon

ANNANDALE, Va. — The 2014 Mason Crest Thanksgiving Luncheon will be held on Thursday, Nov. 20 in the Mason Crest Cafeteria. Lunch tickets for parents and guest will be pre-sold for $3.90 per person and will be available for pickup on the day of the luncheon in the school lobby. Students can purchase their meals through their lunch accounts and parents should make sure that the students have at least $2.90 on their lunch card before this date.


Sliced Turkey Breast
Corn Bread Dressing
Whipped Potatoes w/Gravy
Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce
Frozen Pumpkin Yogurt
Choice of Milk
Ice Tea and/or Lemonade are optional adult beverages

Please check with your child’s teacher for the exact lunch times for your child’s class and to sign up before the Nov. 17 deadline.

Mason Crest Elementary Fun Run Logo

Volunteers are needed for the 2014 Mason Crest Elementary Fun Run

ANNANDALE, Va. — On Nov. 14, the Mason Crest Elementary Parent / Teacher Organization  and the Mason Crest Elementary School faculty and staff will host a fun run for the students of Mason Crest Elementary. The theme of the fun run is “Many Countries, One Community,” and each Mason Crest Elementary School class has selected a country to “run across” as part of emphasizing the diverse backgrounds and heritage that Mason Crest Elementary brings together.

This event will serve as the Mason Crest PTO’s  major fundraiser for the year. In order to make it a success, the PTO is asking for volunteers to help us with various tasks before and during the event.  If you can and are willing to help, please visit our volunteer signup page at For additional information about the fun run contact Kim Grutzik at or Tim Sample at

Mason Crest PTO set to hold the first meeting of the 2014-15 academic year

ANNANDALE, Va. — The Mason Crest PTO will hold its first general membership meeting on Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. in the Mason Crest Elementary Cafeteria.

Following the meeting, members of the Mason Crest PTO will be on hand during the Mason Crest Elementary Back to School Night on Sept. 18. The Back to School Night will begin at 6:30 p.m. Members of the PTO will be present to answer questions, sign up volunteers and assist parents as they prepare for the new school year.