The Mason Crest PTO Leaders  are responsible for (1) the establishment and oversight of the strategic direction, initiatives, and goals for the PTO (including the inputs of the Committee Leaders), (2) the creation of standing rules, policies or procedures of the PTO, and (3) the creation of standing and special committees and the appointment of the chairs those committees.

2020-21 PTO Elected Leaders

Position Name Email Address
President Rachel Rajala President@masoncrestpto.org
Secretary Mary Johnson mary.johnson@masoncrestpto.org

Dani Cao

Amy Miller



Volunteer Coordinator Heather Rascona heather.rascona@masoncrestpto.org
Treasurer Simona Eldridge Treasurer@masoncrestpto.org
Ways and Means

Sarah Sonnonstine


The Committee Leaders consists of the PTO’s officers and the chairs of the standing committees. Mason Crest principal or his/her designee, and a representative appointed by the principal or elected by the faculty, also may serve on the
Committee Leaders.

The Committee Leaders executes the strategic initiatives developed by the Elected Leaders and creates programs and project plans to ensure coordination of resources among the other committees, membership, and volunteers. The committee also approves members of the standing and special committees and provides budget proposals to the Vice President of Finance for inclusion in the annual proposed budget

2020-21 PTO Committee Leaders

Position Name Email Address
Kindergarten Play dates Coordinator position open  
Assemblies position open  
Restaurants Nights Program Manager position open  
Redeemable Awards Program Manager Manier Sarik manier.sarik@gmail.com
Spirit Wear Sales Manager Corrie Pratt corriepratt@masoncrestpto.org
Hospitality Committee Chairperson

Kristina Wilson


Yearbook Jamie Irelan jamie.irelan@masoncrestpto.org
Green Committee Chairperson Alex Berens alexberens@masoncrestpto.org
DJ/MC Dan Rappaport danrappaport@masoncrestpto.org
After school programs

Bethany Adamec


Folder Copying

Fundraising Sales



Nominating Committee

position open

position open

Jessica Olivan


position open